Echo 6

I’ve created a new WordPress theme called Echo 6. This theme incorporates some goodies not found in many other wordpress themes. The reason is because I broke some rules and rolled some cool plugins into the theme itself so that you will get exactly what you see in the demo. Some of the features include Matt Kingston’s weighted categories (displayed as tags) and a built-in recent comments plugin. Other features are Technorati compatible tags displayed at the end of each post, the ability to make “featured” posts sticky, and cool looking pullquotes available in the stylesheet.

View the demo here.

Download Echo 6 here.

Drop it in your themes directory and activate from the Presentation section of wp-admin.

I downloaded the theme, but on the sidebar it says “*Fatal error*: Cannot redeclare get_recent_comments() (previously declared”
You must already be using the get_recent_comments() function in your my-hacks.php file or something… You can delete the function from sidebar.php.

How do you create the pullquotes?




The first one puts the quotes on the right, second one on the left…

How do I make featured posts sticky?
You can have a post become a featured post and be sticky (i.e. remain at the top). In the index.php file, there isa line of code that says

< ?php if ( in_category(‘4’) ) { ?>

All you have to do is create a category and call it “featured” (or whatever you like), then use the category ID to replace the number 4 that I have written. Once you write a post and tag it as “featured”, it will display the post as a featured post, which will keep it at the top and add some nice little bells and whistles. (Note: you will have to change the link to previous features to match your url and category archives–Hey, I can’t do everything for you).

Echo 6

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