Tag Happy: Popular Tags Plugin

In an ongoing effort to make this site as cool as possible, I’ve created my first WordPress plugin called “Popular Tags.” The purpose of the plugin is to create a finite list of popular tags used and to display said list by weight. Since tags are ongoing, the list needs to be finite or my homepage would grow into a huge ugly list of tags. So what I’ve done is created a plugin that will only show the x number of popular tags (the tags being wordpress categories under the hood). To see this plugin in action, visit my home page.

I started out with Matt Kingston’s Weighted Categories code and made some changes (one of which fixes a bug with Matt’s plugin where the last category in your list isn’t displayed properly). The format to use the plugin is no different than how it’s used on Matt’s plugin:

< ?php $minfont = 8; $maxfont = 14; $fontunit = “pt”; $category_ids_to_exclude = “”; popular_tags($minfont, $maxfont, $fontunit, $category_ids_to_exclude); ?>

You can download the plugin here. Let me know if it works out for you.

Tag Happy: Popular Tags Plugin

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