Corporate Housing


Most corporate housing companies “list” properties and leave it to other brokers to find the buyers/lessees. This means that most brokers are the agent of the seller/lessor. We specialize in representing the buyer/lessee at no cost to that buyer/lessee. All properties are listed in one data base known as the MLS (Multiple Listing Services). At Analar International Realty, Corp., one call to us enables you to access several hundred thousand properties. Because we represent you we can search all properties on the market that match your parameters.

Buyer’s Agent You do not have to go from listing broker to listing broker and search, and search, and search with each until you find one that finds a property that fits your objectives. Further, instead of you having to take your time driving around with agent after agent we at Analar preview properties, set appointments and then escort you from property to property. By representing you, the buyer/lessee, we have a legal obligation to represent your best interests-even though the seller/lessor is paying our commission. For more information please visit Denver furnished apartment LLC.

Corporate Housing

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